Conferenza Mondiale sulla Trilogia a San Diego (USA) 2008

Il prof. Biliotti invitato dal prof. Ghougassian (nella foto) a San Diego (California)

Dear  Mr Biliotti

From September 24 to 27, 2008 the first ever World Conference  of Analytical Trilogy will be held in the beautiful city of San Diego, California .
During those days, there will be lectures, workshops,discussions, addresses delivered by a host of international experts from many intellectual disciplines, on the theory,principles, applications of Analytical Trilogy founded by the world renowned psychotherapist, philosopher Dr Norberto Keppe.
In my official capacity as President and Founder of this first World Conference of Analytical Trilogy, I would like to extend to you a personal invitation to  (1)  participate at the WCAT  being present at the conference activities   (2)  hopefully you will and  make a presentation on Analytical Trilogy of Dr Keppe and (3) informing ,spreading,and recommending to friends, professional colleagues to attend the Conference and /or make a presentation.
I hope you will accept the invitation  and thereby becoming one of the pioneers  responsible for launching the new professional movement of Keppe’s Analytical Trilogy.AT seeks to alleviate people’s of their mental health issues and place them on a path of a life full of self realization and in communication with their Creator.
I look forward to hear from you about the invitation. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.
Prof.Joseph Ghougassian, Ph.D. (Louvain), J.D.

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